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Berli Jucker Foods Ltd (BJF) was first established on May 24, 1982 under the company name of Siam Snack – was a joint venture between Berli Jucker Co., Ltd and Pepsi Co., Inc., USA. With a registered capital of 20 million Baht, the primary business of Siam Snack was production of snack food. On December 29, 1995 Berli Jucker Public Co., Ltd took over Siam Snack completely by acquiring a 100 percent shareholding of its registered capital. It currently now has 320 million Baht in registered capital.

Berli Jucker Foods is a leader across 3 main segments in the snack food industry - potato chips, rice crackers and extruded snacks. The policy of the company is to produce value added snack food products from locally available, fresh agricultural raw material such as yam, potato, corn, rice, etc. Product development and adaptation to local preferences are of prime importance to Berli Jucker Foods Limited to increase its market share.

The company currently holds various manufacturing and quality standard certifications, namely the ISO22000 Food Safety Standards, GMP, HACCP, ISO9001:2008, ISO1002:2004 Complaints Handling, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO14001 Environment Management Standard and National Halal Standard THS 24000:2552 certified by the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand. These quality certifications help build customers’ confidence and satisfaction in the products significantly.

During the year 2012 we were proud to celebrate our 30th Anniversary, a milestone that signified our impressivegrowth stories along the way to become a well-recognized leading company in today’s local food industry and community. In 2012, we continued to move forward with the development of new products and the launch of several new potato-chip snack flavours such as Tasto Claypot Crab Flavoured, Tasto Crab Fried Rice Flavoured, Tasto Puji Lanna Flavoured, Tasto Fried Chilli Paste Crab Flavoured, Tasto Dip a Chip, New Dozo Fried Seaweed Original Flavoured and Hot Spicy Flavoured. Furthermore, the company has been contracted by Oishi to produce their Onori fried seaweed snack brand for distribution in Thailand.

During the year 2012, we continued our intense focus on efficiency and productivity improvement as well as cost management by applying the TPM (Total Productive Management) processes throughout the organization involving all employees. We also expanded our cool-room potato storage facilities in Chiangrai to both support our future business growth and provide cool-room storage rental service to outsiders after the potato harvesting season.


BJF Caring for Environment

Awards and Certification

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    Tasto® - Potato chips
    Party® - Extruded snacks: caramel coated yam chip
    Campus® - Chocolate coated snack
    Dozo® - Rice crackers snack
    Bitee® - Extruded snacks

 Awards and Certification

Numerous industry-specific accreditations ensure that Berli Jucker Foods will continue to produce quality products that meet world-class standards as well as those relating to hygiene and quality controls. To date, Berli Jucker Foods boasts an enviable list of such system accreditations, namely

ISO 9001:2000 accreditation by SGS, NAC (The National Accreditation Council of Thailand) and UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Services)
- This is the most effective tool ever developed to supply fully safe foods for customer.
HACCP accreditation by SGS
- This system was originally designed by NASA for monitoring food production. It is a process to ensure effective systems are in place for sanitary food processing.
GMP accreditation by SGS and the Ministry of Public Health
Safe foods standards accreditation by the Ministry of Public Health

Berli Jucker Foods Ltd. has invested and continuous to do so in machinery and technology from the USA, Europe, Australia and Japan in order to improve production process and increase overall efficiency.

Since 2004, the company continues to participate in quality system development projects (TQM) which is consulted by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute. The objective is to reinforce quality system management to world class levels, increase production efficiency, and achieve continuous improvement.

Our organization has also been awarded a Level 2 Green Industry Accreditation from the Ministry of Industry for our environment-friendly operation, a White Factory certification for our hygienic and drug-free organization, as well as an ASO-T Standard certificate from the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare for our clean organization free from AIDS and TB.



 BJF Caring for Environment

Berli Jucker Foods has waste water treatment processes to treat used water from production before draining to central treatment by Bang Phli Industrial Estate. The company changed energy consumption from fuel oils and diesel fuel to Liquefied Petroleum Gas – LPG. In the future, the company plans to use 100% clean energy from Natural Gas.

In addition, we participated in various social and community development activities as our contribution to the society and community.

 Business Contact

Surapol Patanaphongsanon – General Manager           
Tel: (66)0-2313-1470
Fax: (66)0-2313-1031
Email: SurapolP@bjc.co.th
Website: http://www.bjcfoods.co.th/
Bangplee Plant:       

Berli Jucker Foods Limited
225/10 Moo 1 Tambol Bangsaothong,
Amphur Bangsaothong, Samutprakarn 10540, Thailand

Chiangmai Office:
Berli Jucker Foods Limited
368/2 Superhighway Chiangmai-Lampang Road,
Faham,Amphur Muang, Chiangmai 50000,


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